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Call Center Services

In addition to call center
solutions, simsyn offers wide
range of call center support

Conference Systems

Almost all the leading
organizations throughout the
world using audio conferencing

CRM Solutions

Customer Relationship
Management is an essential
part of modern business

Our company is a leading provider of the bestenterprise communication products and services.

Established in year 2008, Industry leader in the region for innovative communication products and services.Wherever you're looking to
remove communication and workflow barriers or automate your business processes, simsyn solutions allow you to strongly
build your customer relationships and workforce optimization for lower investments.

Latest News & Updates
  • Gowers Solutions (Pvt)LtdGowers Solutions (Pvt)Ltd

    Gowers Solutions Selects Simsyn out bound call center with Preview dialer to handle local Telco Sales generation Campaign.

  • Supun Solutions (Pvt) LtdSupun Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

    Supun Solutions sign up with Simsyn for out bound call center system for USA and UK based Lead generation campaign.

  • Sterling BPO Solutions        Sterling BPO Solutions

    Sterling BPO Solutions Evaluates JCDial Outbound call center system for Outsourced Australian Telco Lead Generation campaign.

  • Gampaha Development Company        Gampaha Development Company

    GDC (Gampaha Development Company signed with Simsyn for Inbound Call Center System)

Customer Voice
"Customer satisfaction is critical to our business, so we wanted the best technology known to man.We looked at several contact centre vendors, but none could match the flexibility, cost-effectiveness and Features that Simsyn JCDial provides. It has been transformative to our business, enabling our staff to work very easily and efficiently while providing our customers with the high level of service that they expect"

-- Mr. Rohan Sirisena / CEO (Gowers Solutions)


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Almost all the leading organizations throughout the world using audio conferencing as a powerful tool to communicate and collaborate with each other.