On December 4th, 2023, Tampa, FL hosted a pivotal gathering—the 3CX VIP Strategy Meeting—where industry leaders, including the esteemed 3CX CEO Nick Galea and the USA GM Gregg Garret, congregated to deliberate on the upcoming changes in the 3CX v20 and outline a robust strategy moving forward.

Nick Galea spearheaded the meeting, unveiling the comprehensive ideology driving the transformations in the v20. He elucidated on the new features slated for inclusion and highlighted those that would become obsolete in this upcoming version.

The meeting spotlighted several key upgrades:

  1. AI Integration: An exciting development discussed was the integration of AI strategies, specifically incorporating the formidable power of OpenAI – Whisper API into v20. This integration aims to revolutionize user experiences.
  2. Revamped Call Manager: Drawing from 15 years of accrued insights, the Call Manager underwent a complete overhaul, promising enhanced functionality and efficiency.
  3. Enhanced Security Measures: The new version is fortified with robust security measures, emphasizing a steadfast commitment to safeguarding user data.
  4. New Windows App: An anticipated launch is the upgraded Windows app, touted to offer heightened security measures compared to its predecessors.
  5. Advanced API Release: A powerful API release was announced, catering to advanced integrations, thereby empowering users with greater customization capabilities.
  6. Multi-Tenancy & Department-Wise Access Control: Introducing enhanced management flexibility, v20 will introduce features for multi-tenancy and department-wise access control, optimizing control and streamlining operations.

Gregg Garret, the GM of USA, shared insights into the revamped sales strategy and the changes within the new licensing model, further outlining the vision to align with the evolving market needs.

The event also saw the participation of 3CX partners from the USA and various other regions. Notably, representatives from SimSyn (Pvt) Ltd., the esteemed 3CX Titanium Partner in Sri Lanka, actively engaged in discussions about strategic partnerships and regional factors pertinent to the Sri Lankan market.

Their insights and inputs contributed significantly to discussions revolving around the Sri Lankan and regional market landscapes, highlighting collaborative opportunities and strategies to fortify 3CX’s presence in these areas.

Following the main event, the directors of SimSyn had a significant private meeting with the 3CX CEO, USA GM, and other 3CX representatives. The focus was on discussing the burgeoning potentials and specific demands within the Sri Lankan market for Contact Center Solutions. Collaborative strategies were explored to harness the strengths of both entities, ensuring innovative solutions aligned with Sri Lanka’s business landscape.

During this exclusive meeting, SimSyn seized the opportunity to showcase their proprietary solution, uniconnect.io. This solution was presented as an integrated powerhouse with 3CX, demonstrating its potential to augment Contact Center Solutions significantly. The collaborative integration of uniconnect.io and 3CX offers a robust and tailored toolset for contact centers, promising heightened efficiency and enhanced customer experiences.

The discussions and presentation underscored the commitment of SimSyn and 3CX to innovate collaboratively, addressing the demands of the Sri Lankan market comprehensively. This union between SimSyn’s proprietary solution and 3CX signifies a pivotal step towards revolutionizing Contact Center Solutions in Sri Lanka.

Stay tuned for further updates as this collaboration unfolds, promising cutting-edge advancements in communication technology tailored for Sri Lankan businesses.

  • SimSyn met 3CX team
  • SimSyn at 3CX V20 Partner Event

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