Founded in 2011 “SIMSYN PVT LTD” has carved a niche in Sri Lanka by offering innovative enterprise communication solutions and services. With over a decade, we enhanced our experience in the fast-paced and challenging sector of telecom and enterprise communications with revolutionary technologies and development; making our clients happy with ground-breaking and loyal solutions. Simsyn designs develop and implement cloud and on-premises unified communication solutions & customer relationship management solutions with advanced technologies that simplify management of all customer interaction channels and offer an exceptional experience. Our solutions can be tailored to any size of the company and to any industry sector including Insurance, Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Travel & Tourism, Manufacturing, Education, etc.

Why choose us?


Our Innovative Goods and Services concentrate on the exact needs of customers and the most important questions for businesses, which have always been the secret to our success in delivering products and services in high quality.


Our global customer support is well-known for us, and it committed us to the continuous delivery of high-quality client service. We want to make every experience with us perfect.


Through our world-class technologies and services, we deliver more innovative ways to protect businesses economically.