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Almost all the leading organizations throughout the world using audio conferencing as a powerful tool to communicate and collaborate with each other.

Conferencing systems enable following major benefits to any organization.

  • Increase employee productivity while providing efficient way to collaborate with each other
  • Reduce Travel and facilities expenses
  • Easy-to-use interface and high availability with instant access.

Simsyn My Meeting™ - Reservations plus Conferencing Platform

Virtual Meeting Room

Simsyn MyMeeting™ enables you to have a Virtual Meeting by not having to be in one specific location.Virtual meetings can take some of the hassle out of the gatherings while cutting your travel costs,meeting room space issues etc.

Productive Discussions

Having many people from anywhere and connected at the same time is always a good option for a business since it allows for multiple-inputs, which can always able to respond quickly.Also conference meetings are more productive than face-to-face meetings inside a meeting room since the meeting topic is more specific and participants put more attention to the audio conference call.

Work from home

Working from home is becoming an increasingly common for a number of 21st-century employees because there are numerous benefits come with working from home. Simsyn MyMeeting™ is an amazing business communication tool which can use to communicate and colloborate with working place while you work from home during office hours since it keep you connected with your collegues in your office all the time for communication.

High number of participants

Simsyn MyMeeting™ allows 100+ participants connect to one single conference meeting while maintaining the individual voice quality in high level for each participant.

Connect with anyone,anywhere,anytime

Simsyn MyMeeting™ allows participants to join the conference meeting through various inputs such as Land phones,Mobile Phones,Software VOIP Phones,Conference Desk Phones or even through Skype.Paticipants can choose the best way to join with conference call depending on the situation and preference.

Key Features

  • Web based Conference meeting scheduling and management system
  • Web based conference meeting management system allows users to schedule a conference meeting easily.New meeting schedules or rescheduling of existing meetings can configure in the online calendar in few drag and drops.Add /remove participants,conference access code and security PIN code can set for a meeting schedule with meeting reminders for participants via Email or Text messages.

  • Meet me and Add-hoc Conferencing
  • Simsyn MyMeeting™ Supports both Meet Me and Add-hoc conferencing methods.During Meet me conference call,participant dial the conference number that he want to join. Everyone who dials the same Meet-Me number joins the conference together.But in Add-hoc conferencing conference is started by an initiator(Ex: Leader) and only the initiator of the conference can add people into the conference.

  • Conference Meeting Recording
  • All conference calls are recorded by default and available for future references.Past conference records are available to listen or download through Conference management web interface for Authorized users.

  • From 2 to 100 of participants can join into a one single conference call
  • Simsyn Mymeeting™ allows from 2 to 100 of participants can join into a one single conference call.

    Please refer Simsyn MyMeeting™ Product Broucher for more details

How it works

Please watch following video demonstration for better understanding about how exactly it works.

Simsyn MyMeeting™ Conferencing system consist with a Multimedia server which can install in two seperate modes.

1) Interactive Installation mode

During Interactive installation mode,Simsyn MyMeeting™ Server is integrated with existing phone system in your office which enables the conferencing facility for your existing phone system (Ex: PABX).Also Interactive Mode doesnt change anything in your existing phone system.

2) Standalone Installation mode

If you dont have a phone system in your office, still you can use Simsyn MyMeeting™ Conferencing system in Standalone Installation mode which doesnt requires a PABX system

Try it out

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