Cloud PBX, sometimes referred to as hosted PBX or virtual PBX, and is an IP-based PBX solution that delivered and accessed entirely via the internet (Or via VPN Connection). Cloud PBX hosts all software and data in the cloud, rather than on a server like digital systems.

Cloud PBX is an internet phone system in which the provider manages both the PBX equipment and the phone services. Your desk phone plugs with a router, and any calls, signaling, and features are processed through a server at the provider’s physical location.

The PBX is in charge of routing incoming calls, allowing call transfers to different extensions, and managing all communication capabilities of your phone system, such as call waiting and voicemail. A call flow, which is a collection of features and rules you apply to a certain phone number, can be used to administer your system.

Switch to a cloud phone system today – Enjoy the benefits.

  • Fully Integrated Communications System

  • Control Over Modes of Communication

  • Top Line Business Features

  • Time Management and Efficiency

  • Mobility and Ease of Use

  • Flexibility to Scale Up (and down)

  • Business Continuity

  • Improved Customer Service

  • New Service Features Added Easily

  • Cost Savings

“Cloud PABX Solutions from Simsyn”

Simsyn, as a leading business communication solutions integrator in Sri Lanka, provides state-of-the-art, flexible, full-featured cloud phone system solutions to all enterprise clients of any level.

Allow us to manage your company’s phone system…

  • PABX hardware administration; Leave system, Operating System, and network management to us are not on-premises.

  • All updates and upgrades are carried out automatically.

  • Make daily backups.

  • System surveillance.

  • No capital expenditures (Capex), no upfront investments, simple monthly subscription payments.