When it comes to attracting new consumers, retaining existing ones, and building a loyal client base that will return time and time again, providing high-quality customer service is critical.

Call centers are no longer massive workplaces with rows of people answering queries and receiving phone orders. They have grown into full-service contact centers that take advantage of the newest technological breakthroughs, such as mobile, email, chat, and SMS, to provide the best possible service to customers at the lowest possible cost.

Artificial Intellect (AI) is a type of technology that mimics human intelligence activities including learning, problem-solving, and planning. Organizations are looking for AI to deliver various benefits because it continuously provides many lines of communication without the requirement for human beings to be there.

Google Cloud Contact Center AI.

Improve customer experience by combining Natural Language Processing and speech capabilities from Google Cloud Contact Center AI with 3CX Contact Center Platform.

With Google Contact Center AI & 3CX you can Build robust virtual agents that can understand customer statements, determine appropriate responses, and reply to customers accordingly.

Virtual Agents.

Automated bots that communicate with customers in a human-like manner, offloading the use of live agents until the best time, and then transferring all context obtained to the agent.

Agent Assist.

Provide agents with ongoing help while they are on the phone. Agent Assist detects intent and delivers step-by-step advice in real time. Our own AI algorithms may be used to Google CCAI to decide the agent’s next best move, ensuring that the right information is delivered, and that the customer experience is improved.


Use natural language processing to identify call drivers and sentiment that helps contact center employees and supervisors learn about customer interactions to improve call outcomes.