Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is an essential part of modern business management. CRM is an enterprise-wide business strategy designed to learn about customer’s needs and behaviors to organize and manage customer relationships to maximize profitability and minimize expenses. A well-planned CRM can be viewed as a strategic process merging strategy and system to amalgamate information from across the company (sales, marketing, finance, accounting, etc.) to offer a complete view of the customer and develop stronger relationships with them. The information gained from all internal and in some cases, external, sources allows the company to complete a full 360-degree view of their customer in real-time.

Key features of Simsyn CRM Systems

  • Simplicity and ease of integration

  • Remote and Mobile access

  • Flexibility and customization

  • Campaign management

  • Stronger multichannel support

  • Integrated analytics

  • List management/master data management

  • Lead generation and follow-up tracking

  • Access Controlling and Data Security

Automate your Business with Our CRM Workflow Automation Modules.

Intelligently automate all processes to save time, drive sales, and streamline processes. Automate your team’s repetitive tasks, enabling them to spend more time working on essential stuff.

Sales automations.

  • Automate repetitive tasks.

  • Automatically create leads and contacts from website form submissions

  • Automate next steps from email.

Support automations.

  • Trigger actions based on changes to a support case.

  • Trigger actions based on a case becoming inactive.

  • Automate case field updates.

  • Automate task creation and assignment.

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