Emergency Alerts Broadcaster

Emergency Alerts Broadcasting system has designed to delivers warning telephone messages to thousands of people within a community about potential disasters such as fire alarms,severe weather conditions, flooding or kind of emergency alert notification.

The JCDiJCDial® Emergengy Broadcasting System can broadcast pre recorded voice messeges among large number of people at sametime and it can integrate with any available emergency alert system such as fire alarm system,Security alarm systems etc.

We provide a customized telecommunication software and equipments as an integrated solution which any business organization or any government organization able to deliver important emergency messages within and outside their organizations. If your company employs a JCDial emergency voice broadcast system, your employees can benefit from it in times of emergency and dangerous situations.

JCDial Emergency alerts broadcasting is an essential requirment to any business organization in terms of security.Following are the practical applications of JCDial Emergency Alert broadcasting system.

Fire Alarm message broadcasting system

The JCDiTravel restriction warning message system.

Site Alarm management system for NOC (Network Operation Centers).

The JCDiSevere weather condition warning message broadcasting.