Improve operational performance and achieve better customer service

Run your contact centre with software that simplifies your day!

Customers demand fast replies to their calls. You expect to know who you are, and you call what was said last time without being repeatedly transferred multiple times. The incentive for offering customer experience with efficiency – more sales, happy clients, and better ratings! Communication is no longer the domain of costly office telephone systems in an old style. 3CX integrates the software for the call center to help meet the most demanding client requirements.

Moreover, 3CX CRM connectivity and calling workflows reduce laborious tasks that enable your officers to concentrate on what is vital. You may connect on-site and virtual customer service teams effortlessly regardless of your choice of on-site or cloud solution. Increase client satisfaction with localized support and timescales and take advantage of a connected global workforce.

Call queues – don’t miss that call

  • Call queues to individuals or groups. Guarantee no calls are missed.

  • Advanced queue strategies such as Round Robin & Hunt by 3s.

  • Agents can answer calls from anywhere – at the office or remote.

  • Overflow callback option during busy hours.

Call recording and staff training

  • Record calls for legal and quality monitoring purposes.

  • Train agents during a live call with Listen in and Whisper.

  • Use Barge in to take over when needed.

  • Ticket responses can be monitored centrally.

Check service levels with reports.

  • Check agent performance with the built-in reports.

  • See longest wait time and abandoned calls.

  • Get reports on SLA and call-back statistics.

  • Switchboard/wallboard to monitor queues in real-time.

Trusted by the fastest growing companies:

Advanced Call Center Features.

  • VOIP/PSTN Agents Extensions
  • WEB based Agent/Supervisor management system
  • Real Time agent status monitoring
  • Agent Screen popup
  • Menu driven IVR portals
  • Hold on Music
  • Call Transferring
  • Call Conferencing
  • Call Queuing
  • ACD (Round robin/Skill base/Load balance)
  • Live agent Monitoring and Call Barging
  • Chat and Email
  • Call/Conversations recording
  • Instant reporting and statistics
  • Voice mail

Boost your Call Center Performance?

Boost your company’s sales by providing superior customer service, increase staff productivity and reduce call costs with 3CX advanced call center features, Exchange/LDAP integration, Salesforce & Dynamics CRM support, cross office presence and better reporting to the standard edition of 3CX Phone System.

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy “

Michael LeBoeuf, Business Author

Call Center Customer satisfaction surveys

As your first line of defense for customer problems, and the most personal connection to your business that most clients will have, your call centers need to be monitored objectively. There is no way to know that your customers are receiving the help they need from your business without a clear approach to ensuring that the customer support you offer is top-notch. Customer satisfaction surveys are the primary tool to find out if your call centers are achieving the goals, you set out for them. Companies that recognize the importance of their support centers make sure that every customer receives a customer satisfaction survey at the end of any interaction, with the intent of finding out how the interaction went and how the customer feels about your business.

Our software suite for call centers offers assessment tools to assess the efficiency of your call center service.

Train your agent to encourage the customers calling the contact center to participate in the survey.

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