Easy to use video conferencing solution, 3CX Web Meeting, will enable businesses to save time and money by hosting virtual meetings, whilst enjoying the benefits of face-to-face communication.

Web conferences can easily be launched through the 3CXPhone client with a few mouse-clicks. 3CX Web Meeting can be used for a wide variety of everyday communication needs to boost productivity and efficiency.


3CX WebMeeting harnesses Google’s revolutionary WebRTC technology, which enables video and voice communications to take place through the internet browser, meaning that participants will be able to seamlessly join meetings without the need to download any additional software or plug-ins.

  • Clientless

  • One-Click Conference

  • Bandwidth Management and Control

  • Interoperability with VoIP and video

Advanced Features for Ultimate Collaboration.

  • 3CX’s video conferencing is feature-rich and user-friendly. Participants can enjoy video communication without the need to login anywhere and easy setup of ad-hoc meetings makes launching conferences ever so easy for both participants and organizers – employees can even use their mobile devices to join meetings.

  • Plugin & download free video conferencing

  • Remote control and screen sharing for quick & easy troubleshooting

  • Upload PDFs and share documents

  • Easy to use polling tool for feedback

Collaborate with Advanced Features.

  • 3CX Web Meeting offers several features including the ability to toggle audio and video on/off and record the meeting. There are additional advanced features to enhance your meetings and make the experience more collaborative.

  • Screen sharing – Share your whole screen or a single window, browser tab, or application.

  • Share PDF – Upload, preview and share PDFs. All uploads are saved automatically in the “Shared Documents Repository”. Simply double click a document to share it; participants can then interact with the document using the toolbox at the bottom of the screen.

  • Whiteboard – Ideal for brainstorming or online classrooms; collaborate in real-time with the drawing and text tools.

  • Start a poll – Want to gather opinions and feedback quickly and efficiently? Create a poll for your participants.

  • Share files – Organizers and presenters can share files up to 64MB each by clicking on the file share icon or dragging the file into the chat panel. All participants can open and save shared files.

  • React – Offer feedback with reactions by clicking on the hand icon.