Choosing a phone system for your company necessitates serious thought. You want it to be useful to your company now and in the future. Whether you are a large enterprise or small business, your phone system must be able to scale with you without breaking the bank. 3CX is an open-platform office phone system that runs on Windows or Linux on premise and can be moved to the cloud with a simple backup and restoration. Use an existing server to save money or use a low-cost mini-PC appliance or Raspberry Pi. With your choice of IP phones and SIP trunks, you may create your own 3CX solution. Get an all-in-one omnichannel company phone system while avoiding the costs and problems of obsolete, proprietary systems. Allow every employee with an internet connection to work remotely, and see productivity rise thanks to comprehensive contact center features, video conferencing, and more.

Affordable, flexible solution.

  • No per extension licensing, unlimited extensions.

  • Keep control of your phone lines and save on call costs.

  • Plug & play with IP phones, gateways & SIP trunks.

  • Web conferencing, mobile apps, live chat included – no add-ons!

Effortless user & system management.

  • Easy user management. Save countless hours of work.

  • Add new staff, set up voicemail and update users in minutes.

  • Flexible inbound/outbound rules, DIDs & ring groups.

  • Remotely manage the system and users from anywhere.

Your business phone, anywhere.

  • Lockdown-ready with our free apps for Web, iOS & Android.

  • Use your office extension number on your smartphone.

  • Update your status and view your team’s availability.

  • Switch from voice to video call with a single tap.

Security & Backup.

3CX sets the standard when it comes to VoIP security. The security measures integrated into 3CX were created specifically to defend your PBX system from threats.

  • Increased secure web server configuration

  • Automatic detection & blacklisting of SIP Attack tools

  • Global IP Blacklist automatically updated for participating PBXs

  • Traffic to 3CX apps is encrypted via the 3CX Tunnel

  • Voice traffic is encrypted via SRTP

  • Automatic generation and management of SSL certs

  • Revolutionary VoIP Security with A+ rating from SSL lab

  • Automatic Failover for instant backup

  • Encryption between browser and the website ensured via HTTPS

  • Limit access to 3CX management console based on IP

Do you still need desk phones for workstations?

For the many people, there is nothing like the feel and functionality of a physical phone. That is why 3CX supports a number of IP Phone models.

3CX configures a decent range of FXS/FXO gateways for you, allowing you to keep using your existing PSTN lines and/or analog phones with ease.