Voice biometrics is the science of using a person’s voice as a uniquely identifying characteristic & its a Game Changing Technology.

This type of biometric solution is highly effective and fast at processing voice patterns, because only a few words are needed to compare with the enrolled voiceprint, versus multiple questions and responses. They are easier because customers do not have to remember obscure, complex passwords. They are safer, because customers are using their unique voices to authenticate their identities rather than pseudo-secret questions that can easily be extracted by social engineering.

Voice biometrics, therefore, provides a rare win-win-win opportunity for customer service operations looking to improve their customer experiences while reducing costs and increasing security. Yet overhauling customer service is never an easy decision or task, especially when it affects both employees and customers. Voice biometrics can impact the bottom line as much as it improves customer experiences.

“Voice Biometrics Is the Next Must-Have Technology for Contact Centers.”

Prevention of fraud.

Minimize the use of weak passwords and strengthen security with the increasing wealth of personal information, criminals can do considerable harm. Knowledge centric authentication is reliant on personal details which can be accessed without many hassles and potential fraudsters can easily gather it. Since human element is involved, the procedures can be manipulated. On the contrary, voiceprints cannot be impersonated or replicated, and noticeably ups call centers security standards.

Reduce user frustration with password resets, obscure security questions and security codes.

Any standard procedure of questioning utilized to verify the identity of a user can take a lot of time. It is frustrating for customers to repeat such answers. In contrast, the moment a voice biometric system possesses a unique voiceprint, the verification could be performed in a passive manner.

Improve contact center efficiency and reduce handling times; Save Cost

By slashing call times and reducing quantity of attacks, call centers can save money, and boost convenience and security at the same time.

A significant portion of agent call handle time today is spent in the welcome, identification, and authentication processes. With voice biometric authentication, call time decreases because the requirement for customers to remember information is dramatically reduced.

Simsyn offers wide range of integrated voice biometric solutions for 3CX contact center solutions with various technology partners.