It is easy to see why cloud-based contact centers are growing more popular. They not only help organizations save money, but they also help improve employee and customer satisfaction.

A Cloud based contact center is a contact center solution whereby employees can operate from separate geographic locations, rather than being in a centralized office. This can include having several offices worldwide to take advantage of multiple time zones and labor benefits or having call center agents working from their homes.

Cloud based contacts eliminate the need for large, open plan call centers with a cacophony of call agents all answering calls at the same time. Instead, tranquility is restored as agents are housed in smaller groups or work is outsourced to countries with lower employment costs.

With Cloud, you can work from anywhere.

Switching from a traditional contact center to a cloud call center strategy has various advantages for businesses. Because less room is necessary for workers, rent and operational costs are decreased. Employee turnover is reduced by up to 25%, resulting in lower hiring costs and a larger pool of potential call center agents due to the removal of geographic hiring restrictions.

A remote working environment, on the other hand, is appealing to many agents. It shortens travel times, saves money on transportation, and allows for more flexibility in working hours, resulting in a better work-life balance.

3CX Cloud Contact Center Solutions

The 3CX call center module creates a seamless cloud contact center package for businesses of any size. Web-based solution empowers businesses to deliver personalized and consistent customer experiences across multiple communication channels, whether agents are based at home or at an onsite call center.

Cloud Call Center software from 3CX includes

“The cloud is the future – Move your Contact Center to Cloud.

We can help you smoothly shift your typical on-premises Contact Centre to the cloud.

There are various cloud options for you to choose. It allows you to plan your path to the cloud using hybrid solutions, on-premises + cloud services or multi cloud. Every business can benefit from those newly cloud solutions.

Here are the Benefits,

  • Improve customer experience.

  • Scale your contact center elastically.

  • Add communications channels easily.

  • Frequent iteration

  • Global reach

  • Enhanced Security

  • Increased reliability

  • Cost control

  • Intelligent routing